Flip Your Getaway

Flip Your Holiday

Vacation period will be here, and Flip Mino-HD is an excellent camcorder to take with you:

It’s small adequate to easily fit into your pants or top pocket
You can fire it in just a few seconds, and capture a minute that may otherwise be lost
You don’t need to wreck havoc on settings
It really is unobtrusive sufficient that you are prone to get priceless candid moments
Going to Disney World or another theme park? Grab the horror into the eyes of loved ones on those excitement rides.

Record continues. This is a camcorder you are able to take with you and use in situations which you otherwise probably cannot or would not.

If you take along a laptop, you are able to download your videos in hotel room, and charge your Flip through the laptop computer (but look at records below.)  You can test the clips associated with the day, save the nice people on your computer, and throw the others, clearing out of the Flip’s memory for the following time’s activities.

Check out methods for making your getaway videos better:

Consider how to steady your shots. Plant your elbows against your chest, or regular the digital camera against a tree or fence post.
If you should be inclined to capture video clip from the vehicle (that will be a challenging business, at the best), take by on a clean windshield, and give a wide berth to shooting out of the side windows, which only gives you most movement blur and extremely couple of functional shots.
Keep your imagination involved using the story you are telling. The storyline is all about what goes on, more than by what is.
On a two-week getaway, there might be just a few shots that catch the essence of daily. Search for those shots.

There are a couple of accessories to consider taking along with you. To keep your Flip’s battery pack charged, consider one of these simple:
Whether you’re on a plane, in a vehicle, or in a foreign country, you should be in a position to re-charge your Flip. From my very own knowledge, charging you from the USB port on a laptop doessn’t constantly work. There are many kinds of electric battery chargers offered.
Mini-tripods will give you a stable chance from any flat working surface — dining table top or automobile hood.
Collapsiple monopods tend to be tiny and in the scale for usage with a Flip.

For guidelines, articles, videos, DVD’s, tutorials, discussion, and resource links about Flip camcorders, add-ons, and computer software, try http://FlipInFocus.com. You won’t find a far more extensive resource.

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